Feeding Farmville - Meal Donation Program in Farmville, VA

Helping Our Neighbors Experience God's Unconditional Love

Feeding Farmville provides free Thanksgiving meals and words of hope to neighbors within 30 miles of Farmville

About Feeding Farmville


Feeding Farmville began in 2016 with the goal of delivering a Thanksgiving meal to 500 people. We knew one church couldn't do it, but we believed that the God who fed 5,000 people could. And that’s exactly what He did.  Today God is feeding over 1,000 people!  

Our vision at Feeding Farmville is to help our neighbors grow closer to God through an experience with His unconditional love. The people we visit experience God’s love as volunteers takes time to ask them their name and pray with them. They taste God’s love in the great meal they enjoy. Volunteers and recipients all experience God’s love as He does something that we could never do as individuals - as He overcomes everything that divides us to feed a community. The love God demonstrated so clearly by sending His Son, Jesus, to die for our sins upon the cross continues to heal our world today!

How Can YOU Help?

Help Us Financially
Help Us Distribute
Help Us With Food

Volunteer Opportunities

Kitchen Food Prep

Plan and organize meal preparation, equipment needs, and kitchen setup

Meal Packaging

Obtain needed meal packaging-and-delivery supplies; plan and implement meal assembly and packaging


Developing meal-delivery routes, assignments, and Thanksgiving Day delivery


Design, produce, and distribute publicity materials, news and social-media communications, photos and videos

Local Church Liaison

Coordinate communications and activities with our church-congregation partners

Volunteer Management

Coordinating team recruitment and assignments


Oversee fundraising, donations, expenses, and accounting


Ensuring all's well that ends well

Recipient Registration

Maintain an up-to-date list of neighbors scheduled to receive a meal.

How to Receive a Meal

To learn more about how you can receive a Thanksgiving meal, please click the button below to send us a message with your contact information.

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