Speeding Up Our Meal Delivery

Feeding Farmville Partners with route-delivery expert Routific


For the past seven years Feeding Farmville has delivered over 5,000 Thanksgiving meals to neighbors over five different counties. As you can imagine, planning those routes and coordinating with driving teams can be a time-consuming, sometimes difficult, process. For years we counted on the wisdom of our elders to help us parse out routes and distribute them to drivers.  Drivers then used their own resources including their knowledge, mobile phones and GPS to find those addresses and get those meals delivered in a timely fashion. More than a few times, drivers got lost and we struggled to deliver what we had promised. Each year we received a heartbreaking call telling us a family hadn’t received their meal yet and asking when it would arrive.

That’s why we are so excited to announce a new partnership with Vancouver-based Routific. Routific provide an industry-leading application that automatically plans, maps and distributes routes to drivers and then tracks drivers as they make deliveries. Their proprietary algorithm has saved drivers and companies across North America countless hours and miles as they follow the best route to make deliveries, efficiently and on-time. A quick review of the Routific website will show you success stories from companies like FedEx, online grocers, and florists. Every day successful companies count on Routific to help them make their deliveries!

That’s why we rejoice that Routific has partnered with Feeding Farmville to make the experience better for our planners, drivers, and meal recipients. Praise the Lord as He continues to work in amazing ways, so  thousands of people can be fed!